The Laser Institute of Pinehurst offers many treatments and procedures to help with the overall wellness of our patients in Pinehurst, NC and surrounding areas. We are pleased to announce our decision to offer IV nutrition at our practice. Nutrient IV Therapy is beneficial for many conditions that can’t be seen with the naked eye such lack of stamina, depressed immune systems, anxiety, headaches, certain skin conditions and more.

How does IV Therapy work?

IV Therapy is powerful and yields optimum results because it delivers the vitamins and minerals straight to the veins and into the blood stream. Administering the vitamins and nutrients directly into the veins achieves a much higher serum concentration than if taken orally. IV therapy has been shown to make the vitamins more effective as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of waiting for digestion.

What to expect from IV Therapy

During an IV Therapy appointment you will first choose the IV Therapy drip that best suits your needs and goals:

Fountain of Youth

Detoxing your body is necessary to keep your cells optimized and functioning at their best. It uses vitamin B12 and higher doses of vitamin C to promote healthier hair, skin, and nails, leaving a beautiful youthful glow.

Performance Hydration

This drip caters to athletes and anyone who tends to train hard or does intense physical activities frequently. Your muscles will benefit and may recover faster from your workouts while your overall fitness performance improves.  Reaching your fitness goals can come just a little easier.


Feeling drained and exhausted after a long work day is no way to end a day. This drip will help with the stress of long business days. The nutrient blend helps sharpen your memory and focus and will help combat stress and may even improve creativity.

Rise & Shine

A big night out on the town may mean a miserable day after. Perk yourself up with the optimum mix of essential vitamins and minerals. This drip provides your body with hydration and will replenish electrolytes while boosting your energy level after that evening of exuberant imbibing.

Natural Defense

When flu season has you down and everyone you see is sniffling, washing your hands may not be enough. This drip can be used as a natural treatment when you are suffering from symptoms of the common cold or flu or just trying to prevent it. A high dose of vitamin C along with other important nutrients that will help boost the immune system so you can fight those nasty germs and bounce back faster.

The LiquiLift

This drip includes nutrients to treat multiple symptoms and conditions. It will elevate your mood and rehydrate the brain and body for a healthier, happier you all year round.


This master anti-oxidant slows down the aging process by encouraging cell revitalization and regeneration. It assists in detoxifying the liver and improves overall skin brightness. It can be used alone or in combination with other IV infusions.

After your initial evaluation and once you have chosen the type of IV Therapy you would like, you will be ushered to a comfortable chair where you can relax, while the drip is administered by one of our trained professionals. Most patients feel the results immediately or over the next several hours after treatment.

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*Results may vary for each patient.
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